PRP Hair Restoration

Hair restoration with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

As an expert in Platelet Rich Plasma hair restoration, Dr. Sajic performs the procedure to help prevent hair loss. The patient’s pending Platelet Rich Plasma contains more than seven billion platelets and growth factors.

These biological factors (i.e., the growth factors in the plasma) are responsible for hair rejuvenation and the healing process. Each dose of PRP is designed to strengthen and nourish implanted hair follicles while providing incredible results. Patients that use this procedure experience higher follicular density and better hair pigmentation. PRP is used with or without a hair transplant procedure to provide flawless results.

  • Blood is drawn from the patient
  • Placed in a centrifuge machine where the blood is quickly spun to separate it into three layers: platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells.
  • A cooling agent is applied to prevent any pain
  • Nutrients are injected into the bald area to stimulate growth

Since the injection of cells takes less than a minute, the procedure does not tire patients in the least. After preparing a concentrate of autologous platelets, our special dermatologist, Dr. Sajic, using a special miniature needle, injects the resulting product directly into the desired areas of the head. The average duration of therapy with preparation is approximately 30 minutes.

After the procedure, soreness and sensitivity of the skin of the face is possible. Sometimes there is edema. Minor bruising may occur. The doctor will always recommend remedies that can alleviate undesirable phenomena and symptoms.

Hair loss slows down after the first procedure, and after several procedures, it stops completely. The hair structure and thickness is restored.  The hair becomes thicker and thicker, and the work of the fatty glands is normalized. The growth of new hair begins, as a result of which the hair becomes noticeably thicker. Hair follicles enter the growth phase and no longer thin out. For patients seeking a more effective method, injections of autologous PRP cells are combined with mesotherapy procedures.

Platelet concentrate differs in that only a few procedures are needed to achieve the result. In order to maintain the maximum result, it is recommended to perform the procedure 1–2 times a year. At DerMA clinic, Guelph Area, to optimize the treatment plan for different individuals in each case, Dr. Sajic will draw up and select the most suitable treatment plan that gives the maximum effect.

Most patients can begin to see results 4 weeks after treatment. However, the best results are seen after three treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart. PRP is especially effective in the early stages of hair loss and can stimulate dormant hair follicles to revert to a growth phase.

Do not wash your hair on the day after the PRP procedure. For two weeks after the procedure, you should avoid the use of anti-inflammatory and antihistamines.