Derma Skin Institute

BoardĀ CertifiedĀ DermatologistĀ 

At Derma Skin Institute we treat a variety of OHIP insured Dermatological conditions; these include (to name a few):

  • Rashes: Psoriasis, Eczema, Lupus, Bullous Pemphigoid
  • Skin Cancers: Melanoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma Basal Cell Carcinoma,
  • Pre-Cancerous and Preventative: Mole checks, Actinic Keratoses Nuisance
  • Lesions: Moles, Cysts, Skin tags, Hair Loss, Excess Sweating

In order to treat the Above we will need a referral from your Primary Care Physician / Family Doctor. This also unfortunately means that if you are sent to us for one condition, we may need another referral to treat an unrelated condition.





Hidradenitis Suppurativa


Skin Cancer

Excessive Sweating

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