Lipo-Dissolve Treatment

Lipo-dissolve injection — Deoxycholic acid  and phosphatidylcholine

Lipo-dissolve is a non-invasive non-surgical alternative for the elimination of fat; it is an alternative to surgery and surgical liposuction in the appropriate patient. It is composed of Deoxycholic acid and phosphatidylcholine – naturally occurring substances found in the body. Upon proper injection Lipo-dissolve starts to selectively break down and dissolve / liquify the fat cells. This makes it much easier for the body to pass through and eliminate the fat

Lipo-dissolve can also be used to fine tune body contouring after CoolSculpting® procedures are completed as CoolSculpting may leave uneven areas.

  • Axillary bra Fat
  • Buccal fat
  • Knee fat
  • Flanks (love handles)
  • Inner thigh
  • Outer thigh
  • Upper Arms
  • Banana roll
  • Chin
  • Lipomas

The best way to determine is to have a consultation with our board-certified cosmetic dermatologist. Generally, we do recommend that you do not look at this procedure as a weight loss solution. It works best in those patients who exercise regularly and have been eating well – but despite this have pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise alone. If you can pinch it, we can shrink it.

We will prep your skin to ensure proper placement of the injections. This means we will draw a grid on the treatment area. Injections will be done with a very fine insulin needle to ensure your comfort. Generally the pain experienced is very minimal. You will start to notice tingling and a mild itch in the area within minutes of the treatment. There will likely be bruising and swelling after treatment. The swelling may last 2-3 days and it is best to wear loose clothing during this time. The bruising may last for upto two weeks after the treatment. You will start noticing improvements after about 4 weeks post treatment. You may notice small nodule that are generally felt rather than seen. These tend to resolve on their own after several months, though in some cases they may persist.

Results will vary from person to person but there are things you can do to help enhance the effects. You can enhance the effects by exercising, drinking lots of water and continuing to eat right.  As your body expels the fat you will notice gradual slimming of the treated area over the next 6-12 weeks.

The amount of treatment sessions needed is dependent on your goals and the volume of fat present. Generally, most patients will need 2-4 sessions to get to their desired goal, though in some patients more treatments may be needed.

Minimize exercise and wearing tight clothing for the first 3 days or until feeling better. Thereafter, do activities as tolerated.

Cost will be dependent on the area involved. Please contact us to arrange a consultation to find out more. Prices start at 800 / session

Many treatments can be used to enhance and or to help maintain your desired results. We will work with you to come up with a suitable treatment and maintenance protocol to help keep you looking your best.

  • VShape Ultra
  • Evolve Tone
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