Evolve Tite in Guelph

What is it and what does it do

Evolve Tite is a skin tightening component of the The Evolve™ body contouring system by Inmode, a cutting edge, non-surgical body toning technology.

Evolve Tite is used for tightening and lifting loose skin and improving overall skin rejuvinate. This precisely controlled delivery of optimal radiofrequency energy the surface of the skin causes stimulates the skins natural repair and regeneration, causing it to become more tight and vibrant. Evolve Tite uses eight hands-free applicators and can be used to address several parts of the body simultaneously.

It can be combined with the muscle building (Tone) and Fat removing (Trim) components to give you the most comprehensive and complete hands free treatments available today.

How Evolve Tite ™  Tightens Loose Skin After Weight Loss and Fat Reduction

For many patients, significant changes in weight – whether after pregnancy or after significant fat loss from diet and exercise – is also accompanied by yet another challenge, the presence of loose skin. This is where the Evolve Tite would come in.

Collagen and Elastin are the key protein fibres in the skin that give it firmness, strength and elasticity.

When a person gains a significant amount of weight, the skin (along with collagen and elastin) stretches to compensate for this growth in body mass. Unfortunately, prolonged stretching leads to damage and degradation of both the collagen and elastin fibers. And the skin then loses its ability to retract. This can be further worsened by smoking, sun exposure and genetics.

Evolve Tite uses precisely monitored radio wave energy to apply the correct amount of heat to deeper layers beneath the surface. This heat response induced by the Evolve Tite treatment hacks the skins normal wound healing response, causing it to form new collagen and induce a skin tightening effect.

What areas can be treated:

Evolve Tite can be used to tighten the skin through a non-invasive ways on the following areas of your skin: