Dr. Dusan Sajic Shows Expert Injector Techniques For Botox, Facial Fillers, 5D Face Lift

Dr. Sajic injects facial filler

Dr. Dusan Sajic Shows Expert Injector Techniques For Botox, Facial Fillers, 5D Face Lift

Guelph, ON – As a critical component of his patented non invasive 5 Dimension Face Lift™ Dr. Dusan Sajic’s expert placement of neuromodulators like Dysport, Botox and Xeomin will relax your muscles to erase wrinkles and unwanted lines.

Keeping the natural look: If it looks “done” it’s been done wrong.
“The most important question when considering facial fillers is who will be performing the filler procedure,” say Dr. Sajic. “Fillers are medical devices and must be treated with the proper respect. For the safety and satisfaction of our patients all lip injections are performed by one of our expert physicians who are certified in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.”

“When paired with lasers, dermal fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero Sculptra and Radiesse) and skin tightening modalities including Accutite and Morpheus8 our 5 Dimension Lift will give you the best possible results to make you look and feel fresh, rested and the best version of yourself. It’s what we do to help you age gracefully and elegantly,” says Dr. Sajic.

The 5 Dimension Face Lift™ is designed to address these “5 dimensions of aging”:
• Bone loss, resulting in a small chin, sunken cheeks
• Fat loss or displacement resulting in bags under the eyes, sagging jowls, a double chin
• Structural skin loss – loss of elastin and collagen, causing loose skin
• Textural changes to the skin surface – brown spots, red spots, scarring and wrinkles
• Muscle and movement imbalances which cause forehead lines, “11s”, crows feet, Marionette Lines

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