Derma Sweep

What is derma sweep?

DermaSweep is an innovative technique intended to extract dense clogs from pores and exfoliate the epidermis. Not surprisingly, it is an exceptional approach for treating acne. At DerMA clinic, we have been doing this wonderful treatment and have had great success in treating acne patients using Derma Sweep.

This technique usually extracts the layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis; these cells are the “enemy” of most topically applied treatments. This layer of cells impedes the correct topicals’ absorption, whether you are using an awesome cleanser, topical prescription drug, or any home therapy. This cell layer also hinders the capacity of your body to discharge oil and environmental debris.

It is a 2-step procedure that begins with selecting the appropriate bristled treatment tip and accurate vacuum pressure to literally “sweep” dead skin cells away. We call this the ‘dry pass.’ The infusion is the second phase of the procedure. Depending on your skin’s needs, we pick a particular solution and irrigate the targeted area. The solution can penetrate the underlying skin more easily since we have already eliminated the dead skin. This is called the “wet pass.”

In fact, this 2-step procedure integrates 3 therapies into 1 treatment. Firstly, circulation to the skin is improved by the vacuum used in both the dry and wet pass. This assists the dermal layer in the exchange of oxygen and nutrients. It also improves lymphatic drainage and creates regulated dermal injury that is essential for new collagen to be created. Next, for a more efficient and relaxed exfoliation of the stratum corneum (the old, dead, top layer of skin), the unique medical-grade bristle tips provide excellent micro-resurfacing.

DermaSweep not only enhances overall skin quality, but it addresses a wide range of skin problems effectively:

  • Enhances skin texture, smoothness and brightens the skin
  • Helps improve the presence of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin health rejuvenation by increasing blood circulation to the dermis
  • Reduces scarring from acne
  • Improves photodamage, usually with series 3-6  PeelFusions
  • Decreases acne blemishes and regulates oily skin
  • Strengthens laxity in the skin and early signs of aging
  • It is also safe for sensitive skin and delicate skin, such as the skin around the eyes.

At DerMA clinic, the DermaSweep procedure is personalized for each patient and depends on many factors. In order to decide which bristle tip should be used, Dr. Sajic evaluates how good your skin is. We’d pick a fine to medium bristle tip to do your procedure if your skin is very sensitive or delicate. If you’re an experienced skincare veteran (i.e., have had chemical peels/lasers /microneedling, etc.), then we can start your treatments with a medium to coarse bristle tip. We need to select the best infusion solution for your skin once the correct tip is selected. There are 3 types of infusions which can be done separately or in combination:

  1. EpiFusions
  2. PremiumFusions
  3. PeelFusions

All these treatment options vary and have different components. You may be wondering which treatment option is best for you, but at DerMA clinic, Guelph Area, we will assess and create a treatment plan for you that is right for your specific needs.

By including an IPL photo facial or microneedling session, we can further improve your DermaSweep treatment results, addressing tough issues such as broken capillaries and extreme sun damage.

After only one injection, the skin will look much more refreshed and smoother. A healthy skin cycle of cell regeneration takes approximately 28 days. Thus, it is good to go for a session every 4-6 weeks for treatment to get the best results.