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Neuromodulator (Dysport (r))

Maximal frown – Before and After. This patient felt that her deep Glabella lines (forehead just above the nose) made her look older and angry. Dr Sajic applied Dysport strategically to her forehead and under her eyes to freshen her look and make her glabella much more softer. Still looks like herself – Just fresher.


Botox and Skin Brightening

This wonderful patient didnt like the look of her eyes – both wrinkles and loose skin. Using a unique combination of Botox and Grenzcine Cream from Vivier Dr Sajic was able to accompilsh a much fresher look for her eyes. 


Dysport delivered to the entire forehead to smoothen out the wrinkles and fine lines. 



Botox to the forehead and glabella along wiht fillers to the cheeks and under the eyes




Botox to the forehead and glabella



Laser and Skin Brightner

This patinet didnt like the freckles and uneven tone of her skin. Using a combination of Laser treatments along with a skin care regimen Dr Sajic was able to ge the results that his patient was looking for. 

RF Pixel



RF Pixel


Radiofrequency Microneedling with Pixel RF to soften the acne scars




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ClearVein & DyeVL



RF Pixel


Restylane Lip Filler


Belotero Cheek and Chin Filler

Fat Reduction



Focused ultrasound and radiofrequency with V-Shape ultra delivered to the neck fat while also tightening the skin 



Jaw contouring with Ultrasound Laser and Radio Frequency Laser


This mother of three loves her kids but not the aftermath it left. Dr Sajic was able to tighten and tone the troubled spots with a combination of Ultrasound and Radifrequency. 



This weekend warrior didnt have the time (or metabolism) to tune his body. We used Focused ultrasound and Radiofrequency combination only available on V-Shape Ultra to achieve the results



Ultrasound and Radio Frequency Laser


Ultrasound and Radio Frequency Laser



Ultrasound and Radio Frequency Laser


“I can show my arms again” proclaimed our satisfied patient. Dr Sajic used his proprietary blend of focused Ultrasound and Radiofrequency to deliver the results


Liquid Face Lift


Liquid face Lift – Upper

Liquid Face lift: Dr Sajic used a combination of Restylane, Sculptra and Dysport to smooth out under eye wrinkles, enhance the cheeks and lift the chin and jowels. 



Liquid face Lift – Upper

Dr Sajic used a strategic placement of fillers as well as a Neuromodulator (Dysport) to enhance her eyes, smoothen her forehead and round out her cheeks. The end result is a much more soft and youthful look.  


Please note that the following photos are patients treated in our clinic. The results shown, while representative,  DO NOT guarantee the results of any procedure. Each patient is unique and each treatment will be variable depending on a number of factors. Nevertheless, these photos show real-life examples and expemplify typical results possible with each procedure. Moreover, bear in mind that in certain scenarios patients presented reflect a certain modality and that depending on expectations and/or budget more treatments can be added. These pictures will assist you in your decision process and provide you with realistic expectations as done by Dr Sajic and his team.  

Each of our treatments is unique and personalized with a deep understanding of your unique anatomy and the unique way in which your skin reacts with Sun and Father time

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