Wrinkles & Fine Lines

The condition that affects us all – Lines and wrinkles with the passage of time.

“Whilst many aging researchers have openly declared that the universality of the aging process means it is not a disease, aging fits the given medical definition of a disease. There is no disputing the fact that aging is a “harmful abnormality of bodily structure and function.”” Bulterijs S et al. Frontiers In Genetics 2015

Fortunately, this field has also had some of the most amazing treatment breakthroughs.
Whether it is skin tightening through ultrasound, laser and or radiofrequency, erasing lines with neuromodulators (botox, disport) and peels, or adding more volume through various dermal fillers Dr Sajic and his team will prescribe the treatment regimen best suited to your individual needs.

Treatment Options

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