Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL)

IPL therapy is a non-ablative resurfacing technology, meaning it targets the lower layers of your skin without damaging the top layers of your skin. This not only treats surface pigment but also draws lower level pigment, what the naked eye can’t see, to the surface of your skin in order for your body to sloth it off. This technology is also used to treat vascular lesions, such as “broken” capillaries.
For all treatment types, IPL works in the same manner. The light pulses targeted treatment area, heats and eliminates, without damaging the skins surface level.

IPL is primarily performed on the face but can be used to treat on almost all part of the body including the back of the hands, neck and décolletage.

Treatment times vary according to areas being treated. They can range between 30-60 minutes in length.

Minimal results can be seen after one treatment. For desired results most will require 3-6 treatments.

Repeated treatments are generally performed once per year or every second year depending on the condition treated and its recurrence.

Some discomfort, mild pain or warm sensation may be experienced during treatment, often described as a light pinch or a warm rubber band hitting the skin. There may be light redness to the skin after treatment which resolves within a few hours.

Slight redness and tenderness may occur however will dissipate within an hour after treatment. Some experience mild swelling around eyes 24 hrs after treatment (if full face was treated). It is imperative to wear sun protection immediately after treatment for a minimum of 2 weeks. May wear makeup immediately after treatment if desired.

You can expect to see mild results after your first treatment. It is important to be sure to complete a complete treatment package to obtain full results.

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